Legal Theft: The First Switch

The Captain’s favorite detective had just staggered out of his office, demanded to speak to Organized Crime’s second most wanted, and declared his last name was Hawthorn. At least today wouldn’t be boring. Staci paused by her desk and watched the scene unfold. Cooper, or apparently Hawthorn, certainly didn’t look good. His hair was a mess, his clothes were rumpled, and his eyes were downright panicked. If Staci hadn’t known him she would have assumed he was on the verge of a meltdown, or on drugs, or both.

“Cooper,” the Captain’s voice cut through the confused questions and ribbings in the bullpen, and people began moving again to avoid her eye. Staci flipped open her report folder. If she timed it right she could deliver it just as the Captain got to the meat of her rant at Cooper. Someone had to actually grab Cooper’s shoulder and push him towards the Captain before he responded. He went easily enough once he, apparently, knew where he was supposed to go, and Staci heard the door to the Captain’s office close. She leaned across the aisle.

“Any idea what’s going on with that?” She jerked her chin towards the office and got a row of shrugs and shaken heads in response.

“He seemed fine when he got in this morning. I saw him at like six. Then five minutes ago the guy jerks like he’s having a seizure and starts having a panic attack. He wanted to know why he was under arrest and then demanded to use his phone call to call Casey Hawthorn. Can you believe it? If it was anyone else I’d say it was a dumb joke, but you know Cooper. Guy’s as straight laced, nose to the grindstone as they come.”

Staci nodded and resumed her work on the file. Two minutes later she approached the Captain’s door slowly picking up Cooper’s voice before she put her hand on the doorknob.

“I don’t know! I’ve told you and told you. My name is Edan Hawthorn, I’m a twenty-three year old college grad. I’m doing an internship at the docks on shipbuilding. I need to see my uncle. He’ll clear all this up.”

“You don’t have an uncle on file, Cooper, and you want to think long and hard before claiming a familial relationship with Casey Hawthorn. He’s Irish Mob, you should know this-” The Captain bit off a curse. “Do you know where you live at least?”

“I’m renting an apartment in Allston.” Cooper sounded less sure now and Staci opened the door.

“I’ve got those reports you wanted, Captain.” Cooper was slumped in a chair in front of the Captain’s desk. He didn’t look like the thirty year old detective with one of the highest arrest rates in the city. He looked like a scared kid in a thirty year old’s body. The Captain glanced briefly at Staci before coming to a snap decision.

“Right, Harlow, I want you to take Cooper here to the hospital. I want a full check-up done, x-rays, blood work, everything.”

“I’m not sick, and I need-”

“You’re mixed up in the head, Cooper, and I want to know why before throwing you to the Irish. Now I can’t stop you from contacting Casey Hawthorn, but I can damn well advise you strongly not to do it. Let Officer Harlow here take you to the hospital first, that’s all I’m asking.” The Captain stared him down, and Cooper nodded.

“Alright, but if they can’t figure anything else out. I’m contacting my- I’m calling Casey.” The decision made Staci nodded. Cooper stood, and the Captain threw out a final piece of advice.

“Stay sharp you two. I have more and more crazy stories about these “Mutants” filtering in through reports. It may have something to do with them, and I’ve heard they can get hands on with their projects.” Staci nodded feeling her blood cool and Cooper just looked more confused.

“Mutants?” He asked Staci who just sighed.

“Come on, I’ll explain on the way.” At least since she was the one taking him to the hospital she could continue to keep an eye on him, and spoil any blood samples that would reveal anything damning.


I’ve been robbed! I think. Go check out the new Legal Theft Blog where we will be linking to all future Legal Theft Stories. You can find it here. Go see what other insanity is created today from Captain’s and detectives.


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